Tuesday, December 30, 2008


so we decided to give solid foods (can rice cereal really be categorized as a serious solid?) a whirl this past weekend.  not sure if the scoob is really into it - he seemed to like it the first night but since then he seems more enthralled with his chair than the food.  anyway, here are a few pics of the process we like to call "feeding" and my attempt at video.  =)

christmas 2008

yay!  christmas!  we had a very busy but fun christmas.  we started the holiday at papa and kimma's house on christmas eve where jack got his new jammies.  he tried them on and then hung out with daddy-o by the fireplace.  we also had our white elephant gift exchange that night - it got a little ugly when it looked like grampa dan wasn't going to get the fish... but it worked out - even though we lost the red blankie we wanted.  

we woke up early on christmas morning and headed over the gramma and grampa's house for cinnamon rolls, quiche and presents.  jack got the most adorable rocking giraffe from santa and a bunch of cool new toys.  jack didn't last too long there, so he snuggled up with gramma for a while before we started back up the hill to papa and kimma's again.  jack got a "penquin" from papa and some osh kosh b'gosh overalls from g. grampa wayne and just in time because his jammies were doneskies.  after that we went to uncle mike and aunt jenny's house and the sumners so it was a looooooong day for us.  

all in all, i think we had a great first christmas with the scoob.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

christmas critters

'twas the middle of december
and in our small house,
we had just escaped
the wrath of a louse.

in room 25
the first grade - that is,
lice had invaded
all of the kids.

so back at our home
in our jim-jammy-roos,
matt, sam, and jack
were ready to snooze.

when all of a sudden
i heard a "scritch-scratch"
i leapt from the bed
and lit up a match.

"i'll burn the place down!"
the words flew from my mouth
but the look on matt's face
told me things had gone south

"critters!" i cried
"the small furry kind"
"the ones with the tail
coming from their behind"

"bologna" said matt
"and i don't mean for dinner"
"if we're telling whoppers
you're surely the winner"

meanwhile, the scoob,
with a smile on his face
quickly whipped up something
that stunk up the place.

"they're coming for jack!
they'll get him - i know it
where's lady and the tramp?
do you need me to show it?"

"you've worked yourself up
into quite a tizzy -
do you really base all of your facts
on walt disney?"

"so" matt continued
"what should i do?
tear down the walls 
and give them the shoe?"

"yes!" i replied
and that turned his head
"maybe we'll just
call the landlords" he said

"well, while you're at it
perhaps be so bold
to inform them of
our problem with mold"

"it's under the sink
coming from the baseboards
and in our bathroom
it's working towards

becoming a problem
and we do not need
to have that - so
hear my words and take heed.

tell them to fix it
and please make it quick
i don't want my house
a mess for st. nick"

so we gave them a call
and the verdict came in
"we'll gut the whole kitchen - 
when can we begin?"

so the moral, my friends
is really quite clear:
don't rent-
buy your own house
this upcoming year.

Monday, December 8, 2008

rockin' and rollin'

we can roll over!  i promise we can...  i tried reeeeeeeeeally hard to get it on video, but the scoob wasn't up for a performance.  he rolled over like 5 times and then as soon as i grabbed the camera - he was over it.  and of course the video won't upload so.....  no video for you.