Monday, August 29, 2011

i'm alive.... i think

just a quick post-ita to assure ALL of my readers (i'm so popular, you know) that i am still alive and kicking, though just barely.  you may have noticed that the small people from your neighborhood disappeared.  don't worry.  school started.  i'm watching them.  actually, i'm supposed to be teaching them but in the crazy chaos that is the first week or so it's more like i'm wrangling them.  so, i promise to try and blog soon.... back to school night is this week and i'm hoping that maybe things will settle down a bit after that????  and i won't feel as though i've come down with mono or some other horrible kissing disease that mimics the exhaustion of "first week of school".

coming soon:  i'm a big girl now.  my superboy turns three.