Saturday, September 22, 2012

what's that smell?

life has been pretty crazy these days at the mitches but i will spare you all (really it's just jill reading though) the drama.  school is back in session and i'm avoiding inputting my dra scores onto a google doc as i type this. 

i was over at bunco the other night (where i CLEANED UP) and got called out for not posting enough...  so here is the boring post to kick off my weekly postings.  i set alarms to remind me of most things in my life and so i set an alarm to remind me to "write something on the blogs!" too.  it's that bad. 

anyhoo, here's my story of the day... 

i was washing the dishes and loading the dishwasher (like you do) and fending off attacks from the tank ellie.  seriously, that girl hears the sink start up and she comes running to grab the nearest ceramic plate, serving bowl, or butcher knife to carry out her evil plans against the rest of us.  but i digress.

so i moseyed up to the sink when i was assaulted by the god-awful smell of something like dead ass.  sorry to be crude but it was out of control.  i immediately recoiled and shooed the boy (my puker) out of the room in hopes that he had not caught a whiff yet.  i guess i should have done the dishes earlier....  gag.  i had to battle through the cups, plates, and silverware when i finally caught up to a cutting board that looked (or smelled) pretty guilty.  i seriously had no idea that cutting boards had expiration dates!  have i been too naive?  well, it got the boot and i finished the swamp dishes from hell without further incident.  however, tonight i was getting dinner set up and i swear the smell is coming from the disposal now!  ahhhh!!  it lives!! 

well, i found this post tonight as i was avoiding more school work browsing through my blogs and i think i'm gonna try it out tomorrow.  it's actually how to unclog a sink but some of the comments say that it will get rid of god-awful dead ass smells too!  i'm pretty sure they used those exact words....  just gotta get to the store to pick up the supplies and then give it a whirl!  i'll let you know how it went.  hopefully next week when my alarm goes off.... or in a few months...  =)

i'll end this post with a couple pics of the mitchletts just for kicks... 
look, mommy!  i'm a knight!

cheese!  (i swear she puts herself in the cage... i just take the pictures)