Sunday, March 13, 2011

sneak peek

yesterday we had a ladie's trip down to san diego for one of those fancy shmancy 4d ultrasounds to see ellie t. we had a great time and went to brunch at mimi's afterwards. it was a little weird to see her moving around and being her sassy little self in there. she was getting frustrated that we kept trying to make her move so she would cover up her face and give us the grumpy face and eventually got so fed up that she turned her back on us completely so we couldn't see her face at all!

as far as i know we're still on track for an eta of may 11. we have a doctor's appointment on tues. so we'll see what they say about her. at the ultrasound the technician commented on how chubby ellie was already at 31 weeks so we might have another chunky baby on our hands!

so here is a sneak peek at our baby girl!