Sunday, November 29, 2009


i am thankful for...

god. actually, sorry... God. he has blessed my little family so much over the past year and i really couldn't be thankful for the rest of this list without him. sorry. Him.

my boys. all of them. matt, jack, pepe, and greco. mostly the first two though. these guys make everything worth it. they brighten every one of my days. then maybe they destroy everything in the garage or play in the toilet water - but then they look at me with a sweet sweet face and everything is okay again.

my beautiful house! it is always a work in progress (especially the yard right now) but i love it. being able to turn off all the lights and lock the doors at night in my house is wonderful. and then to walk down the hall and check on my sleeping scoob is even better. but then squishing under the covers with my hubby and my little dog and knowing that the house is OURS (not the landlord's) is the best part of all.

our families. free babysitting 20 minutes in either direction is priceless. lemme tell you. it was ROUGH going back to work last year when the boy was only 4 weeks old. but knowing he was going up to papa and kimma's house made it so much easier. we are so blessed to have family close by to help us with jack and the house.

a job. as hard as it is to say it... "i am thankful for a job". this is definitely not the best year so far... i would even say that this could be in the running for "hardest year yet". but with the economy the way it is and the profession the way it is in the district that we work in.... "i am thankful for a job".

our friends. most of them. =) man, when i'm having a rough day, i can always count on someone to call me up for poor man's noodles, or someone to come over and coax me into watching three hours of baltimore's best, or my favorite elf to come over and get crafty with me. or even, just when i'm about to murderize someone, one of our friend's will call up with an invitation for my hubby to go to vegas. our friends really lift me up and keep me on my toes.

now. i would be remiss not to include a pic or two of jack so for anyone who made it through to the end of this post... enjoy.