Friday, January 15, 2010


i know that everyone is talking about haiti right now and how terrible the devastation is and what we can do to help. so i'm gonna just jump on my soapbox for a moment and say my piece. don't worry... it's not gonna be like this guy. first of all. i'm sick to my stomach over what has happened in that country. just thinking about all the loss makes my heart break and my stomach flip.

so i watched this sermon that one of our pastors gave a couple weeks ago. we missed it because the brockhaus weren't at church to make the pastor call us... but then amy came home and told me to watch it here (it's the 1/3/10 sermon, holla!).

i was in tears for most of it. it was filmed, i believe, two sundays before this earthquake in haiti and it showed chris brown (our pastor) walking around haiti and showing the poverty that abounds there. at the end he asked the congregation to please consider sponsoring a child from haiti (side note: it turns out that our church ended up sponsoring something like 700 children that weekend).

so then about a week later this earthquake came and wrecked havoc in haiti. tearing it apart from it's very roots. and reading or listening to the news makes it seem like they (haiti) are falling off a cliff into a pit of awfulness with no safety net. and in the end i thought:

God obviously knew what was going to happen. and although thousands of people are still unaccounted for and we still don't know the full extent of the devastation... God knew this was coming. and he set up a foundation of people that couldn't be torn down. and a network that won't lose service or connection that weekend at our church. all of these people got onboard to help that country just before this disaster - and now they already are connected to help. right?

so i don't know. i guess i just wanted to write and say... how awesome is God? that even though it seems like the horrible news from haiti won't stop - it will. eventually. because He knew what was coming and He started to pull together the threads of that safety net.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

brunch with the mitches

here at the mitches house we celebrated the new year by ... watching a movie and barely making it to midnight. =) matt pooped out at 11:45 and i stayed up with ryan seacrest and the saddest dick clark. poor man. =( we woke up at our usual 6:30 the next morning and i stayed under the covers as long as matt and jack would let me (per usual) but then we had our first annual "brunch with the mitches". i have to say it was a success! the starks came over and so did the ups' and lenny beh made it late but i think everyone had a good time! i made these jalapeno and cheddar scones, french toast, and home fries and matt fried up some bacon for us all. it was yummy and great. i hope to see you all next year.

on another note, scoob has decided to start opening doors on his own. God help us all. i'm not really sure what to do about this... suck it up and hope for the best? change the door handles to round knobs? attach butter to his hands? (thus making them too slippery to open doors?) we shall see.

as for the new year. 2009 was pretty good to me. not going to complain. we were able to buy our first house. got our big dog, greco. scoob turned one. all good stuff. that being said. i can't wait for 2010 to be even better to us. ima try to take it slow and steady. ima try to take better care of myself. and maybe do a little bit more movin' and shakin'. and some more home cookin'. in the words of matthew wilder:

"Ain't nothin' gonna breaka my stride
Nobody gonna slow me down
Oh no, I got to keep on moving"