Monday, March 30, 2009

awwww rats... up since 4:30am

so we've been up for a little bit already this morning... our furry friends are back and bolder than ever.  i woke up to the sound of things falling off my table in the living room and then some rummaging noises...  it seems they may like girl scout cookies.  nasty, right?  i know.  so i woke up matt (who apparently can sleep through almost anything) and he went out to investigate the situation.  he didn't see anything at the time (invisible rats?), but i found some incriminating poop - i mean evidence - this morning.  ewwwwww.....  matt said he's gonna take care of it today.  i think that's manly talk for "gonna kill me some rats tonight!"  (i imagine this in a kinda foghorn leghorn voice - i said, i said).  hopefully we sleep better tonight.  =)  also, this is what i imagine the rats look like..  kind of like the scary rats of nimh...  it makes it easier to want to kill them.

Monday, March 16, 2009

monday monday.

today i saw:

>  a first grader who had given himself a haircut.  in class.  during reading groups.  he was kind enough to clean up and throw all of his hair into the trash can... where his teacher discovered it.  he may not have a future in this profession - i noticed several bald spots.

>  an enormous rump.

>  a small child (grade level unknown) white knuckling the concrete edge of the drinking fountain and screeching at the top of her lungs... to no one in particular and for no particular reason.  

>  the jagged bottom of a glass bottle... just before one of my students stepped onto it while he was running the track.  it was a close one folks.  he missed.

>  zombie wannabes.  

ahhhh... mondays.

Monday, March 2, 2009

over it.

okay friends.  here's the scoop.  i have so many super cute pictures to post (snow day, bath time, nekkid tummy time, etc.) but - i am TOO LAZY!  i apologize.  there really is no excuse for it.  in all reality, my camera is about 3 feet away from me and the cord to attach to the computer is right next to it in my purse but i am sooooo tired that i can't even think of getting up.  

in fact, i should give you  a huge update on happenings with the mitches but again TOO LAZY.  my eyelids are resting upon toothpicks as i write this.  quickly.  scoob has been sleeping all night, in his crib, in his room.  i know.  a miracle that a) we never crushed our baby when he slept in our bed with us (imagine!  what horrible parents) and b) that we have such an awesome baby.  makes me scared for what #2 will be like (or as matt refers to our yet to be conceived baby - "charlie brown").  also, house hunting.  that's all i will say about that for fear that god will strike me down for being over confident.

finally.  i believe that i am the victim of a never-ending head cold (or should i say "neber ending").  i disgust myself daily with what is going on inside my nose/ears/throat/mouth and pray for it to end soon.  here's where you say 

"but sam, why haven't you gone to the doctor?"

and i say

"because i am TOO LAZY."

i am convinced that one morning i will wake up and it will all be better.  this prayer began (no joke) 3 weeks ago. 3 WEEKS!  ick.

finally (again).  matt has to teach "health and hygiene" to all the fifth grade boys at rose.  hee hee.  that's all.  =)