Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ellie t. spelts

entered the world with a ruckus (get the full story later) on may 12th, 2011 at 4:57 am. our little lady weighed in at 8 lbs. 12 oz. and 20 inches. love this girl!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

i superman

***the views and opinions expressed in this post regarding superman are in no way a unanimous household view. ***

the other morning i was having breakfast with jack and he looked at me very seriously

"mommy, i wanna fly"

"okay baby. but you don't have wings. how are you going to fly?"

he didn't even have to think about it long. he pointed straight to the picture of supe
rgrover on his bowl and said

"i need a cape. "

"okay baby. we can get you a cape today."

"and a helmet."

i love that he added that on. it's as if to forewarn me of the er trips we will make when he leaps off the roof of some tall structure.

so we went over to jo-ann's with carisa and the buddies (holla!), bought some cape making materials, and got to it. all night that little boy would come over to me while i was on the sewing machine, point to the cape i was working on and say

"my superman?"

now here's the problem. apparently there are two camps in the mitch household. pro superman and anti superman. i am all for the guy. c'mon, right? he's a man who is super. he can leap tall buildings.... blah blah blah... i like him and clark kent. matt however, is anti superman. he can explain it to you sometime. i don't don't why. jack - it turns out - thinks anyone with a cape is superman. so... there you go. but nonetheless it really irks matt that jack is referring to superman in our house. psh.

so long story short, the cape was made. the boy was ecstatic the next morning when he got to wear it the first time

"i fly!! i superman!!! fsh, fsh, fsh!!!"
(those are "flying" sounds in case you haven't heard)

and i made one for the lady too so she's not jealous when she comes out.

big boy bed update

we've been at it for a while now and (knock on wood), i think we may have made a break through. after several different door handles/lock situations, and tearful nights (not just jack) we "might" have a routine going that works for bedtime.

it starts with reading 4 books in a very specific order on the couch. then, we move to the big boy room for 3 kisses, 2 blankies, and 1 little prayer. finally, we turn on the special woody nightlight (thanks auntie mophie!) and the music, i discreetly lock the door and say goodnight.

now this works most nights - thank God!! i unlock the door when we go to bed and we usually see jack around 4am in our room. but it's progress, right??? he is very polite at 4am though. he walks in, throws his blankie on top of me and then taps me (but never says anything) to pick him up and put him in bed with us. then he usually gives one or both of us one of his super intense kisses before going right back to sleep!

so hopefully this keeps up for a while! then we can try and tackle potty training! =(