Tuesday, April 5, 2011

battle of the big boy bed

i'm so exhausted i can't even tell you... jack is on week two of sleeping in a big boy bed. every night it's the same thing: we read a couple books on the bed, turn on the sleep music and turn off the lights... and then the battle begins. i usually lay down with him to "help him" go to sleep but that doesn't last long because he starts kicking, hitting, yelling "no", even biting me. boo. =( so i end up getting up and walking out of the room but eventually get back in bed with him and lay with him until he falls asleep. this entire process usually lasts about two and a half hours. as i mentioned before.... i'm tired.

so last night we tried something new. i saw it on "supernanny" once. put him in bed. say goodnight. walk out and shut the door. that worked for about one minute. then the door opens and he runs out giggling like a crazy leprechaun. now "supernanny" says the first time they come out you tell them it's time for bed and then each time after that you just walk them back to bed without saying anything and they will eventually tire and go to sleep.

well, after about time - oh i dunno - 30, i turned to the sound of the door opening to yell "go to bed!" at the boy and saw a pair of mickey mouse ears peeking out at me. that little ham had found his mickey hat and figured "mom can't deny the cuteness of me in mouse ears" and then tried coming out of his room. it was ridiculous cute. so i ended up laying down with him again and he fell asleep finally.

so. tonight. we decided to stay strong and do the "supernanny". we started the walk him back to his room at 8:30pm. by 9pm i was over it. so i stayed on one side of the door holding the knob so jack couldn't open the door. he started crying the saddest cry ever but then he started trying to "trick me" into opening the door with every excuse in the book: "mommy! jack wants water!" "mommy! the door's locked!" then he walked over to his bed (i heard him) and sobbed into his pillow "mommy! jack's crying!" really, little boy? oh man, he kills me.

so now it's 9:24pm. jack is still yelling at me from in the room with an occasional crying jag, BUT... he's on his bed. he hasn't come back out yet. i don't know if he thinks the door is locked (it's not) or if he's just so tired that he doesn't want to get up. i don't want to jinx it but i think he may fall asleep eventually in there... we'll see.