Sunday, August 1, 2010


wow i'm lazy. how hard is it for me to pry the computer away from hubby, close out all the sports windows, and write a little something now and then? right? right? love you hubby.

so we've had a fairly busy summer... we went camping up at hume the week after school got out, per usual. very different with someone who can run now.... jack's favorite part, i think, was collecting sticks and running EVERYWHERE. that kid can move. came home and then hubby and i took off to vegas for a couple days. it was hot but lots of fun and very relaxing! i tell you what, i love my boy but it's nice to be able to go an hour or two without changing a diaper or getting hit in the head by an empty sippy cup ("moooooore, honeeeeee!!!"). oh you heard that right. my boy has started calling me "honey". we're working on it, okay?

through it all we've been working hard on our "yard" situation. actually, papa has been hard at work. hubby and i are doing our best but my dad has got it covered nine times out of ten. i'm happy to say that we now have cement edging around the front yard, all the sprinklers are hooked up to the timer thing and working, and we have a brand spankin' new dog run for big dog. thanks papa!

so this week we're gearing up for the scoob's cowboy party, one last trip to disneyland for hubby and me, and i start back to school with trainings and such on wed. whew! here we go.