Sunday, April 19, 2009


we have been so blessed in the past week!  we've got a lot of firsts happening..  primero.  jack's first easter!  so much fun!  he had a blast watching us run like crazy all over papa's yard from the safety of his new ride.  segundo.  a house! a house! a house!  we opened escrow on a great house and can't even wait to get in there!  beyond exciting!  and tercero.  jack's first little tooth came in!  he had been acting a bit crabby but i wasn't really thinking "tooth" since he's been pretending to be teething for like 4 months.  but i couldn't find soothie quick enough yesterday, stuck my finger in his mouth, and sure enough - tooth #1 was popping through on the bottom!

we're back to school tomorrow after  two awesome weeks of spring break.  eight and a half weeks left until summer... =)