Monday, September 27, 2010

note to self

when sick in your car, be sure to have a bag handy for emergency type situations. also, be aware that bags with holes in them are less than effective. finally, make sure your iphone, amongst other important things, is not directly below said emergency bag with hole in it when it is in use. especially not when you're driving madly down quince.

yes. there is a new mitch being added to the mitches. as you can tell by the picture we are all very excited... and nauseated. that's enough about that. talking about it makes me sick. yes. i know i'm writing right now and not technically talking but the crooked picture on the wall also makes me feel ill so cut me some slack okay?

yes. we are pregnant. no. i don't want to tell you how i'm feeling. see above conversation. no. i don't want to hear how wonderful your pregnancy was... or how horrible your morning sickness was. and no i don't want to hear your brilliant advice on how to cure morning sickness. i'm just gonna regroup over here in the corner by my desk with my lemon drop candies and a trashcan and i'll get back to you at recess.

but yes. we are very excited. =)