Monday, August 31, 2009

the hair and the turtle

went down to the salon and got our hairs did the other night. cousin alisa mia gave jack his first haircut and he looked soooo handsome!

we also set up the mr. turtle pool that we finally found on craigslist (thanks klimas' for picking it up!) and let jack go wild. it's been so hot that he was totally stoked to splash around for a bit. here's some pics of our goings ons...

Thursday, August 20, 2009


after a few awful job offers (mostly middle school) i was offered a long term sub position (second grade) at reidy creek today. this means i take over this classroom until one of two things happens:

1. the teacher comes back from whatever she's doing or
2. a permanent position opens up somewhere for me

hopefully #2 happens sooner rather than later since long term subs don't get benefits.

also. kind of bummer news that we need some prayers for. our good dog, greco, has something wrong. basically his stomach has swelled up with "fluid" (we don't know what it is) and we don't know why. so we had bloodwork done yesterday and tomorrow we are getting an ultrasound to see if he has a heart condition (not uncommon for boxers, apparently). it also could be a liver problem which is just s bad if not worse than a heart condition. so, we would appreciate prayers for greco's health. =)

more updates as news develops.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

jack's first birthday!

so in true simmons fashion we celebrated jack's birthday with not one but two parties, a trip to disneyland, and a dinner out with mommy and daddy. weeklong? just about. so here are links to pics of the parties (if they work):

both parties were super fun and there was only one incident involving a party hat...

i'm working on pics of disneyland too. although if you can - imagine an adorable cherub straight from heaven. in a boat. surrounded by small animatronic children singing in harmony.

that's what it was like. for reals.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

first steps?

i think so. last night while at the klimas' house (holla!), jack spent a good amount of time practicing his walking. no he's no expert... yet. but! he did take several steps from kim to me or from me to her SOLO! and then he would lunge at whoever was closest - but he's really trying. these steps were preceded by other first tries at our house - most notably with plus (holla squared!) that ended with him lunging into the bottom of the couch. awesome baby only gets awesomer with age.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

a little less greco

poor guy got the big snip today. he was wandering around the house like a sailor just off the boat. and he has a "party hat" that he has to wear for TWO WEEKS! poor babe. i'll get a picture to post later.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

beach day

went to the beach with the scoob today... he decided to finally try that greatly under appreciated delicacy... sand. at first he was cool with a couple fistfuls in the mouth but soon decided that it was not for him. he did a lot better in the water, though. this was his third time in the water and he was much more excited about it than he has ever been. he only cried once. when i accidently let a wave hit him....