Saturday, February 7, 2009

shrek throat

so i'm the only one awake in our house right now and decided to do a little catching up.  by the way, it is also furiously hailing right now outside and i am beyond excited.  it is incredibly loud too!  maybe it will scare away all the people coming to see our house.  hold on.

okay, i had to go and take pictures of this event.  it even woke matt up, so i am now one of two people awake in this napping house.

so our landlords have decided to sell the condo we are living in.  that's cool - except we have to be available  to show it for them (unless we want a lockbox on the front door - we don't).  so as of now we've had three different showings today.  we have one scheduled for tomorrow and another for mon. afternoon.  this is all fine - ooooohhhh!  thunder!   =)  okay, so this is all fine for our landlords because lots of people are interested in their condo for sale (dirt cheap).  but... we live in it.  until the end of march.  and then we will need somewhere new.  yikes!  best get on that, huh sam?  

meanwhile, we had a battle with rice cereal but i think we came out okay.  we ditched that demon slop and have since become very fond of oatmeal...  i say "we" but only the scoob and i really like oatmeal.  and really it's the scoob who i'm speaking of.... the "royal we".  also, we are fixin' to try some sweet potatoes for the first time tonight.  

in the classroom, we've had a rough couple weeks in room 25.  not only have we had several emotional outbursts - but the kids are really acting up too.  =)  no really - i sent someone to anger management the other day after he screamed at the principal for an hour.  also, we have had a "shrek throat" outbreak in our class.  i've heard it's really nasty... you don't want it.  

okay.  i'm also adding some pictures for the benefit of your imaginations.... they may not be as vivid as mine.