Sunday, February 27, 2011

transformation central

so... fast forward 24 weeks or so and we're back! things are in full swing at the mitches house. fyi - we're having a baby.... and it's a girl! some of us were a little more excited than others about this.... the nurses and i had huge smiles on our faces while matt looked something like this. buuuuut i think the idea of a little lady running aroundthe house is growing on him. especially since his special lady (aka me) isn't so little anymore. at almost 30 weeks pregnant i am well on my way to the glorious beached whale that i am known to become in the third trimester. i'm working on it okay? gah - get off my back, huh? i'm also starting to feel this crazy urge to make my house look nice... i believe this strange phenomenon is commonly referred to as "nesting". now don't get me wrong. this in no way implies that i want to clean things. i want to buy things and decorate/remodel and pay someone else to clean my house vigorously. the plan now is as follows:
install pergo flooring for the living room/jack's play area (yay!)

paint and decorate the hall bathroom

paint the "pretty princess room" blue, buy a big boy be
d, move jack in, and rename it the "big boy room"

paint jack's room, decorate it, and rename it
"ellie's room"

somewhere in here there is also the plan to finish the front and back yard... (papa, are you listening???)

whew! not too hard, right? i already started the remodel of the pretty princess room by tearing down all that lovely wallpaper border. you know. the one with little dresses on it. soooooo classy. or weird...
before shots of the "pretty princess room" as it transforms into "jack's big boy room"