Wednesday, July 3, 2013

small battles

two nights ago, ellie went to bed with not one but two diapers on.  don't judge.  friday, jack went all day with his jammie shorts on underneath his regular shorts. 

just one of the things that happens when you tell  your son "put on your shorts" but neglect to remind him to "take off your jammies". 

you know you've heard the phrase "pick your battles"?  i swear to you, i could battle ALL DAY with my mitchletts.  they both have a ferocious fire inside that will serve them well.... one day.  so i've learned to pick and choose which ones i will battle. 

"yes, you can have a corn dog for breakfast."

"no.  we cannot leave your sister at target.  she needs to come home with us and besides, she would destroy the store by nightfall."

"fine. you can wear your dad's shorts on your body and your own shorts on your head but you need to dress like a normal person when people come over."

there are battle i will fight and battles i will let slide.  but this one will not stand. 

ellie has this pair of sandals that STINK.  and i mean it's bad.  like a stench that could kill a man.  she took her shoes off at dinner the other night IN A RESTAURANT and i thought we would be asked to remove our disgusting stank baby.  this girl lives up to her nickname "The Stink" like no other.  anywho... she loves these sandals.  she loves that she can put them on all by herself and still run around like a maniac.  thank god feet grow though, right?  they're getting a little small.... and i may have hidden them in the garage so she couldn't find them yesterday....  you would have done it too.  don't judge.  i'm going to give them a run in the washer to see what happens and if they smell like normal shoes again, great.  if i can't get rid of the zombie morning breath smell, then so help me they WILL disappear for good.